December 7, 2010

This Past Sunday

We went to Northampton again on Sunday. It was SO windy and cold, it made us wonder how we ever made it through winters.

On our last visit, the hubs ordered horchata for the first time. Now he won't shut up about it. My sisters and I had tried it, and while we liked it, we weren't in love with it. But because it had cinnamon, I knew my husband would be.

And oh how he loves it. He might petition for it to become the national drink, and he even asked the lady if he could buy a gallon of the stuff. I just pretended not to know him.

Then there was a lot of this afterward.

I made him that hat a couple years ago and it still makes me giggle every time he wears it because of that huge pom pom. By the way, it was him who requested I put the pom pom on the hat lol!

These made me laugh so hard. The OCD one would be perfect for my middle sister but the other one is just... heeheehee!!


CaryManda said...

bwahahaha! where in the world did you find that sanitizer??

He looks just lovely with his pom pom, btw why did he want it on there?

Horchata is da best!! cary and i lurves it! You can actually go to a xochitl and buy the mix and throw it in the blender at home. Quite nummers! :)

AllieKatMom said...

Oh he would love Texas then because we have Horchatas all over the place down here. I didn't like them at first but they have grown on me. They really depend on the place though, some places they are soooo good and others not so much.

Vicki said...

holy crap that is hilarious!

Lee said...

hahahahaha Last picture is the best. hauhahuah


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