December 2, 2010

Happy Flowers!

I received a custom order a little while ago for a table runner and table mat for a little girl's room based on this runner.

The colours didn't come out exactly right in the pictures... The light's all sorts of wonky because it was raining ALL. DAY. LONG. Though I shouldn't complain since we didn't lose power. Phew!

Anyway, the client had asked that I recreate the runner for her daughter's dresser, but I suggested loopy quilting instead since the little girl's sheets had butterflies fluttering around, and I thought the loops suited it better.

The back's sort of scrappy and I love it :)

This little mat's going on her night stand.

Again, a scrappy back, and I love it muchly.

They're both on their way to Nevada... I hope mother and daughter like what they receive :)


CaryManda said...

that is really cute auddie. good job!

SueWis said...

Pretty! Plus I love love love a scrappy binding.

Unknown said...

its so so pretty! Love the colors!

Dee said...

so pretty and girly! love the quilting!


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