November 14, 2010

I Met Denyse Schmidt!

I went to Denyse Schmidt's Sample Sale 2010 today and Denyse herself was there!

I was looking at some things on a shelf not realising she was right next to me. "I like your bag", she says to me.

(This bag.)

Instead of taking that as an conversation opener, I muttered my thanks and scurried off to hide under a rock. *Hangs head*

So I continued poking around and looking at the quilts with my husband. We picked up a few things and when I went to pay, he went up to Denyse and asked if she'd take a picture with me.

She obliged and we chatted for a while. I'm pretty sure I made sounds that resembled words but the only thing going through my mind was "FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, DON'T GEEK OUT! BE NORMAL!".

I'm so glad I went, and I'm so glad Denyse was so great. She even suggested we go over to this quilt for another picture since the lighting for the first one was not so great. This is probably one of my favourite quilts of hers, and I'm thrilled I got to look at it up close.

And I'd also like to thank my hair for choosing today to be retarded. Awesome.


Stephanie said...

What a fantastic day! How cool that you got to meet Denise!! And I LOVE your bag :)

Mary said...

How fun! Lucky you!

Julie @ Jaybird Quilts said...

ohh i like your bag too!! i'm jealous you got to go to the sample sale... one year i'll make the drive up! {oh & congrats on meeting DS!}

Aurelia said...

Cool! She looks awesome and looked crazy and weird.

I remember how you went apeshit when you saw that bag and almost tackled the lady when she tried to look at it.

Erin @ Why Not Sew? Quilts said...

That's so exciting. I did the same thing when I met Pat Sloan at a quilt show. I really think I would of been less nervous around a singer or movie star or something. Your adorable and your hear looks great!

Meg said...

Aw, so cool--sorry I missed you! I was there around noon yesterday, and had a very similar experience--trying to have a conversation and not be a total goober at the same time. I was starstruck!

Unknown said...

NO worries! :) I completely understand, I did that a few years ago with my FAVORITE author! It was embarrassing. Horrible really. We all do it. ;)

by Daisy said...

wow... just... wow!


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