November 21, 2010

He Was An English Major...

Standing in the middle of a department store...

Hubs: "Let me look at my list" (He has this little notebook with his to-do list in it.)
Me: *Looking at pretty, pretty shoes*
Hubs: "Tanning."
Me: "Beg pardon?! Tanning? WHAT? Since when!?!"
Hubs: "It says 'tanning'."
Me: "Before or after I kick you in the head? Tanning?!"
Hubs: "Oh wait... It says 'tea'."
Me: "Honey, 'tea' and 'tanning' are rather different."
Hubs: *Pretending he's not a super dork and looks for the exit*
Me: *Face palm* "Good grief."

You can go ahead and feel bad for me. I know I do :)


Averil said...

Steve needs to be enrolled in the School of Lawyers Who Can't Read Good >=)

Regina said...

Wait a second...he shops with you? Let me just pick myself up off the floor. My man will shop with me ONE day of the year. Right before Christmas we team up and get all the gifts bought at once.

Greg said...

Poor hubs... I'll take this time to recite the man's prayer for just for him... I'm a man, but I can change, if I have to, I guess.


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