October 24, 2010

Parcs i Jardins Quilt

How adorable is this quilt! It was made for the parks department of the Barcelona city council, and I think it's just gorgeous. I almost want to make a copy for my wall!

(We're back from NYC and I'm totally missing it already! My sisters are still here so regular blogging should resume soon. Ish.)


Irina said...

WOW! the title of the post caught my eye first. Somebody writing in Catalan??? then the colours of the quilt... and it happens to be it's in Barcelona... where I come from!
It is a beautiful quilt indeed!

Rebekah said...

love this! The colors are amazing!

beth said...

love this quilt!!!

Unknown said...

What? Only three comments for this amazing quilt? Outrageous! And you made a quilt for the Barcelona City Council Parks Department? How cool is that!

Excuse me for fossicking around in your past entries, Audrie, but I'm really enjoying reading all your posts tagged Quilts while I am stuck breastfeeding and settling a very cranky baby with a cold. Your blog has kept me entertained for the last few days and nights and oh what a pleasure it is to never be snagged by a misplaced apostrophe in 'its'.


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