October 29, 2010

NYC Bound... Again!

I'm off to the city in the morning! Happy happy joy joy! (Can you tell I'm a city girl?)

A dear friend of mine is visiting from Singapore and I'm going to meet her and her husband there. We were supposed to meet in Boston earlier this week, but shit happens and plans change.

But I'm not complaining since I much prefer going to NYC for three reasons.

1. I know my way around the city sooooo much better than I do Boston.
2. I get to see an old friend who lives in the city -- She's also from Singapore, we met in Australia and roomed together for a couple of years.
3. I'm currently spearheading a campaign for us to move to NYC. (I'd be content-ish just moving lots closer to the city whilst remaining in CT so the hubs doesn't have to take the NY bar. Being an attorney is a pain in the ass, ya'll.) Thus far it's not going well -- The hubs just pretends to not speak English...

I shall return shortly! Have a great weekend :)


Lisa said...

Hi Audrie,
I have been following yor blog for a while. You crack me up! I always look foward to seeing what you are up to. I have recently started my own blog and have linked your blog to my reader. Lisa The Red Headed Mermaid.

ScissorsandThread said...

Wow you are so lucky being able to visit NY again. I live in the UK and am going to NY with my Mum and sister for 5 nights in 2 weeks time. I can't wait - I have only been to NY once before 6 years ago so can't wait to visit again.


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