July 19, 2010

We're Back From NYC!

We had a nice weekend in NYC even though the heat was making me homicidal. I still have a rash from being out in the sun and it itches like the dickens.

Our main reason for going to the city was to attend David Mitchell's book party for his new book The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet in Brooklyn.

He was so funny and a joy to listen to. The bookstore was completely stuffed with people and it was boiling in there... but it was well worth it :)

He read passages, talked about the research he did for the book, and was just so humble and self-deprecating... typical Englishman hehe We had him sign our books and on my husband's he wrote "For Steve, a gentleman and a bibliophile" and drew little tiny pictures.

We did some shopping with friends and found this giant thing of Nutella at Chelsea Market. My heaven would be filled with these.

Of course I had to go to a couple of quilt shops during my trip :) Purl Soho was so pretty... I couldn't really take a good picture of the signage but you get the idea.

I just got five random fat quarters since I'd have to rob a bank to get yardage of the things I did want hehe

We also went to The City Quilter in Chelsea and I picked up some fat quarters of their NYC Subway fabrics. I believe a wall hanging is in order? Maybe it'll be a reminder to my husband that we need to pick up and move to NYC haha :)


Stephanie said...

Love that you got NYC fabrics, very cool! Can't wait to see your wall hanging, great reminder of your trip :)

Angela Nash said...

What a fun trip! And I love the huge Nutella. I buy the big double pack at Costco and have been asked - do you really need THAT MUCH Nutella? Why yes, I do.

Pretty Zesty said...

Dude, I got the same rash in Puerto Rico... am now back in NYC and it's gone. UGH!

by Daisy said...

Ohhhhh I would love to go to NYC too! The problem is, I don't think I would come back :)
I have the same subway and taxi fabrics you bought, cortesy of my partner in an international fabric swap. I haven't made anything with them, because I treasure them too much to have the guts to cut them. So i'll wait for your wall hanging and maybe i'll be inspired! (no pressure there ehehehe)

rebekka said...

I love your blog...quilting is something I'm desperate to learn. And the shoes in the picture on your blog banner? Love them.


Wende said...

Such a fun of Purl online... but I've never been to their store. It looks lovely! And that huge jar of Nutella... wow. Could you eat that before it went bad? I think I'd need 6 kids for that! :D

Karen H said...

I feel deprived...... I've never been to New York...I sure looks like fun!

Karen said...

LOVE YOUR BLOG! I'm so glad to see you went to City Quilter on your trip! So many bloggers come to NYC and only go to Purl. I mean, Purl is nice, but if you are a serious quilter, CQ is the place! They even have a quilt gallery now!


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