July 16, 2010

Gone Amish

We've been without our Internet connection for the better part of two days. Two very long, excruciating days. It's pathetic how reliant we are on the damn thing. I tried to kill time by doing my bee blocks but realised some of the instructions were online so that put a stop to that.

And we're leaving for NYC tonight to attend a David Mitchell book party tomorrow, so I wanted to check train schedules, weather forecast, plan our itinerary for Saturday etc... couldn't do that either. Bleurgh.

So I busied myself with baking and laundry... and playing solitaire on the computer because I DIDN'T HAVE INTERNET SO THAT'S ALL IT'S GOOD FOR. That and doubling as a rather large paperweight.

And then I spied the little Nutella packet my husband's co-worker gave him.

That lasted all of 30 seconds.

But the cable guy came (We were told between 8 and 12... guess what time he showed up? 12:05pm. Nicely done.) today and things are working again. It rained all day Wednesday and apparently some water got into the cables blah blah. He climbed on a frighteningly tall ladder, and fixed it. If he hadn't shown up late and wasted my morning, I'd have offered to name my firstborn after him. Tough luck, dude.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go stare lovingly at the modem.


CitricSugar said...

We've had some power outages here lately so I know what the deprivation is like, though we haven't had to go more than a few hours. You have my fellow addict's sympathy.

Maybe it was a universe prepayment for winning a lovely book? :-)

Quiet Quilter said...

It is pathetic how we are so dependent on our computer and the internet for entertainment, communication, finances, as well as education...we have to hone our quilting skills someway!

But I am old enough to remember when we were dependent on our TVs (capital letters, then) for news, entertainment, "up the minute" weather, being babysitters on Sat. mornings, etc.,,,

I even remember laying on the floor in front of the radio, listening to Let's Pretend, Lone Ranger, Dragnet, and all those "old" shows... Yep, I'm that old!

I guess every generation has it's technology it can't do without. So it is not really pathetic....just normal.

Anonymous said...

this is funny. I love my internet too. When the phone stopped working, I didn't care but when the internet quit too, I called the cable company.

Rebekah said...

We were without power on Thursday night and I felt so helpless. I'm glad I live in 2010, because I definitely wouldn't be able to handle life without electricity!


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