June 7, 2010

The Wind Now Scares Me

Last Saturday we got crazy heavy rain for probably less than ten minutes. Our power went out while I was doing the dishes but came back almost immediately. Phew, I thought.


A minute later it went out... and didn't come back for ten hours.

I don't know about you, but life without electricity is about as terrible as it can get. Well, it's on par with having no water. My sisters and I have had to endure being out of water and electricity some years back. We don't speak of it. Speaking of it may send us hurtling toward a therapist's office.

We sat around the house for an optimistic hour, hoping the power would come back on. During this time my husband tried to vacuum. I asked him whatever he was going to plug it into. "Doh", was the response. He then asked me to make him some scrambled eggs. "Go build me a fire and I'll cook your damn eggs", I replied.

So like two spoiled brats, we escaped to the mall.

We checked on the house at 10pm but it was still dark and the main street leading to our house was still closed off... so we drove two miles down the street to wait it out at the in-law's house where there was Internet access and television.

Headed home around 1am and still nothing. So we threw in the towel and just went to sleep. At 2:20am I was awaken by the flashing lights of the hub's alarm clock. Hooray!

On Sunday we had more heavy rain and I kept holding my breath, thinking the power was going to go out again.

And as if to apologise to me, nature sent us lightning bugs! I had no idea what they were at first. I saw this green blinking light on the front door screen and got a little freaked out because being a city girl, my first thought was there was someone here to kill us and he was trying to blind me with a beam of light. Yeah, that's how my brain works.

Okay you have to trust me on this, but that green spot is the light coming out of the lightning bug's bum. How cute is that! The hubs wanted to trap him for me but I didn't really want to put a bug in a jar. Plus I didn't exactly have a jar with a lid.


Stephanie said...

Sorry to hear you were without power for so long, that's not even fun for an hour!
I haven't seen any lightening bugs yet this year, I'll have to keep my eyes peeled!

Greg said...

We have tons of lightning bugs around here. What I enjoy is watching my cats try to eat them... What you need to get the Hubs to invest in is a backup generator. That way, when the power goes out, you still have power. Just make sure its natural gas or propane powered. That way you can still quilt when everyone else is in the dark.

Live a Colorful Life said...

A couple of years ago the electricity went out on one of the hottest days in August. Awful. Thinking it was just localized, I tried going to the mall too. No electricity. Wow, I thought, this is pretty widespread. Then my sister-in-law called me FROM MINNESOTA!! and asked if our electricity was back on? What???? She had heard on TV that most of the West Coast, including most of California and a lot of Oregon, was without electricity. That was too weird hearing the news from someone halfway across the U.S.

Amber said...

ha ha ha - love the vacuum part...I laughed so hard! I'm sure it seemed like a great idea too!

Rebekah said...

I am cracking up hearing about your responses to your husband wanting to vacuum and cook eggs!

Glad you had an alternate place to go while the power was out and kept your sense of humor through it all!

KylieC said...

When we lose power we also lose water because the pump for the tank water runs on electricity. And when the power goes off, I always feel like a bath!

Averil said...

omg yeah, i remember the South Perth blackout and water shut off! we tried reading candlelight and when that proved painful we even tried making conversation... what agony!!


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