June 29, 2010

My New 'Tude

A couple weeks ago, I made a concerted effort to be a kinder and nicer person. Not to say I'm a raving lunatic, but the world could do with a bit more nice, right? So a couple things I've done, are make gifts for two mothers-to-be :)

Remember this improv patchwork quilt? A lady in Florida bought it from my Etsy store for her little girl who's arriving very soon (not soon enough for her though!).

Well, it was delivered but they didn't send her a notice so it came right back to me. Fun. She was as patient as one could hope, so I didn't charge her to resend the package. She received it last week and was totally thrilled, and asked if she could have my business cards to put at the maternity centre she's having her baby at.
Aren't people lovely? I mean, she doesn't owe me anything and yet she thought to do something nice for me. So I sat down today and made her a pillow to match the quilt :)

I used the quilt-as-you-go method from Patchwork Style, and I really love it! I hope she does too.

I put a binding around the edge so it kind of looks like a placemat in the pictures, but I promise it's a pillow hehe And it does look a bit wonky in the pictures, but they're pretty square when you sit it flat on a table. But I'm not fussed since it'll be housing a pillow shortly.

I did random lines on the back and I don't know if it looks cohesive since the back and the front don't quite match, but I know that I like how it turned out. It's since had a wash and is currently drying and getting nice and crinkly.

And remember the ladybug quilt I made for the hub's cousin (who's due in TWO-ish WEEKS!!! Woohoo!)?

She emailed me to ask if I'd make her some valances, offering to pay for them. I said PFFFFT and told her I'd be more than happy to gift them to her. After all it doesn't take long to make and I had the fabric.

That's the hubs holding it up using a yardstick as a curtain rod. He assures me he was smiling.

The top's a green and white dot that is so sweet and pretty, and I put a strip of the ladybug fabric at the bottom so it didn't look so boring.

I had fun making these little gifts that I hope will be loved and treasured. It really doesn't take much to do something for others, and the gratitude they feel more than makes up for any time and effort spent. I know paying it forward is not a new concept but I highly recommend it :)


a little black cloud in a dress said...

these quilts are SO cute!

Dee said...

so loving the giving spirit-it really does make the world a nice place!

Angela Nash said...

I love the good karma thing :) Very exciting that your quilt will be much loved in Florida and the pillow to go with is fabulous.

daily mix LA said...

so pretty - love the colors

randi said...

very nice! i love the colors on the first quilt. very different, but they work perfectly together!

by Daisy said...

good for you!!! i also try to be nice to people all the time, sometimes there are nice to me too eheheh
so, in the spirit of being nice, i'm having a giveaway and couldn't just not tell you about it, could i?
so stop by and participate!

Greg said...

Nice work. The quilts look really nice and I'm sure the Hubs was smiling. If not, MAKE HIM PAY!!!

Rebekah said...

what a great new change of life to have. Being nice always has lots of fun rewards (and lower stress levels)

Love the pillow and valance you made. They will be perfect for new little babies.

Julie @ Jaybird Quilts said...

crazy delivery people!! but yes... very nice of you!


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