June 2, 2010

Missed It!

I feel stupid. I missed my peonies blooming beautifully this year.

Last week I took pictures of them still in buds and figured I had plenty of time. Then over the weekend my husband told me to go look at them because they'd bloomed. I forgot five minutes later.

Yesterday I went outside and this is what I found...

Poor, sad, pathetic, sunburnt peonies. Poo. They still smelled lovely but looked so sad with the edges all brown.

Poor little peonies.

Now I'll have to wait till next May to catch them at their finest again. I've thought about moving them closer to the back deck (they're tucked in the corner behind the house and I never see them so I don't think to go look) but I don't know if they'd survive the move. With me moving them, probably not.

At least my daisies and hydrangeas are coming up... dulls the pain just a little bit :)


Amber said...

bummer - don't think I've ever even seen a peony in person before - they sure are pretty!

Kelli said...

Spewin! They are really pretty. You'll have to show us photos when your hydrangeas come out. Here in Aus, my hydrangeas should have lost all their leaves by now but they have recently had a second lot of flowers come out, Same with my Dahlia! Poor Mother Nature is a bit confused I think!

Anonymous said...

Our white ones came out last week and our bright pink ones are just starting. I hate how they fall over from their own weight.

Rebekah said...

I think peonies beckon the rain. It always rains right after they bloom. All of the peonies in our neighborhood look so pathetic right now.


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