June 22, 2010

He Get It From His Mama

My mother-in-law rang the house on her way home from running errands to check in and say hi...

MIL: "I'm heading home from Walmart... What're you doing?"
Me: "Cooking dinner... What are you doing for dinner?"
MIL: "Oh just grabbing a pizza."
Me: "Why don't you come here for dinner? We have plenty."
MIL: "Nah, I'll just grab a pizza. What are you making?" Me: "Meatloaf."
MIL: "I'll be right over."

Isn't she cute? Now you know where the hubs gets it from :)


Meg said...

Anyone in my husband's family would move heaven and earth for meatloaf. :)

CitricSugar said...

That is absolutely hilarious. I am not a huge fan but the people that are, REALLY are.

And if your MIL likes your meatloaf, it's highly indicative of a good solid relationship between you - awesome! :-)

Averil said...

Heehee she's so funny, but she's right when it comes to meatloaf... 'TIS AWESOME!!!

Victoria said...

she sounds like a sweetie... lucky you!

Rebekah said...

too funny! you know how to win her heart :)

I love meatloaf (well, lentil loaf, now). It gives me an excuse to eat an obscene amount of ketchup on it.

Just Sweet Love said...

this made me laugh out loud. your mother-in-law is adorable!

love your blog :)


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