May 5, 2010

What's Going On Today At Chez Bleu

A few days ago, my darling friend Margie told me to be on the look out for a parcel. She tells me this because she knows the wait will kill me and takes way too much joy in causing me grief.

The parcel arrived yesterday, and she got me this gorgeous necklace! I do love me some red :)

And these whisks. With the squirrels. How. Flippin. Cute. How am I expected to use them? I'd be too afraid to drown my new furry friends. (I clearly have a problem with anthropomorphism.)

Thanks Margie! I love my gifts! :) You're the besterest ever!

I checked on the progress of my beloved peonies... they're budding! Hee! I can't wait :)

Please ignore the disgusting state of affairs that is the underside of our deck. I'm sure many things live under there. Gross.

The lilacs are blooming though! So pretty. And they smell lovely too.

And that was quite enough sun and nature for me. My arm itches. And how'd it get up to 79F??? I don't like this. Don't like it at all. Back to my safe place where I can make a mess and fondle fabric.

See, I still use Gretel. Hedwig's hanging back going "Yeah when you're done messing around and have something to quilt, give me a call. Until then, I'm outie 5000."


Anonymous said...

That is a really pretty necklace. I hope you have fun wearing it.

Vicki said...

sweet whisks. I have an alien whisk. Crazy.

Regi said...

Awww your peonies and lilacs look so happy... I had to leave mine behind when we moved, and boy do i miss them. I hope you will post a picture when the peonies bloom... =)

Teresa said...

I am excited about my Peonies too! They have so many buds! So Sad that my lilacs are done!

Stephanie said...

My first laugh out loud of the morning @ your problem with anthropomorphism. Too funny! I do it too--my son gave me a teddy bear for Mother's Day last year and I can't stand to leave it face down. Because I am crazy cakes.

Also, that necklace is making me jealous! It's really pretty.

Unknown said...

Lilacs are wonderful! :) They always remind me of my grandma. :)

Dee said...

lilacs and peonies! what I can't wait for when spring comes!

sewtakeahike said...

Gosh Audrie! What a super friend!
Ok, you're getting me going with the peonies and lilacs. They're both totally awesome flowers! I can't wait for my peonies to bloom too, they always smell soooooooo good!

Rebekah said...

what an adorable necklace! And I kinda sort of want some new squirrel whisks now :)

Your cuckoo clock is so cute. Where did you get that? Was it a target find from a few years ago?


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