April 4, 2010

Pretty Good Weekend

The hubs has been helping his parents out at their newly opened creamery on the weekends but we got to spend this afternoon together with his cousin's family down in Portland, CT. I bought my niece bunny ears, which she wore for 2 seconds before putting it on the dog haha :)

Before we headed out, I saw that the Forsythia bushes (I think that's what they're called) in our backyard were all aglow. Aren't they just beautiful? We have an entire row of them and it's just a sight to behold every spring.

And in the mail came my Anthropologie birthday discount! :) This year it's a little candle on a necklace that you can wear lol

Hehe :)


Andy Quirks said...

so love that card! happy Easter dear and dont forget to join my new giveaway!


Angela Nash said...

That's an adorable little birthday Trinket.

Rebekah said...

That is such an adorable birthday card...that store kills me with its abundance of creativity


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