March 14, 2010

We Should Just Move To Northampton Already

We realise we go to Northampton a lot, but we really love it there. Especially since the Mexican restaurant there is amazing. We have entire conversations on how excited we are to eat there. Pretty pathetic, I know.

He drove, we listened to Pavement. I took pictures like this, he called me a weirdo. Also, I think I need new leggings.

Look at all those books... ahhh bliss. Our favourite secondhand bookstore, Raven Used Book Shop.

In front of the quilting books section, I met a cute little doggie. By met I mean he slept the entire time while I took pictures of him and controlled myself from poking him.


Terriaw said...

That sounds like a fun trip! It's so nice to have a special getaway place like this. We always like to check out the local bookstores when we travel too.

Angela Nash said...

I can hardly keep myself from poking him from here! A warm little doggie to snuggle is so nice.

Aurelia said...

OOOh, do it! I would visit you more. Hate to say it but Ellington is hella boring.

Carolyn said...

I love Northhampton, too! My DH's family is from there, but don't live there anymore. We used to get out there at least once a year, though. I love Raven. Always one of my favorite stops! Thanks for the memories :)

Jessica said...

dude, i wish they had bookshops like Raven all over the place! that place was awesome.
and i'm jealous, wish we lived close enough to drive to N'hampton whenever we wanted..
ahh, a springtime walk along the Mill River, yes please.
(i went to smith, btw)


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