March 23, 2010

Tone Deaf And In Denial

My husband has many wonderful attributes and gifts, but singing is not one of them. Often he'll sing me lines of a song and I'd have no idea what song it is until I recognise the words.
So tonight I was getting ready to exercise and started singing loudly and out of tune...
Me: "You like my singing?"
Hubs: "Sure."
Me: "I was singing like you... out of tune!"
Hubs: "I. WILL. SNAP."
Me: *Laughing hysterically*
Hubs: "I'm glad you think you're so funny."
The truth hurts. And so does his singing.
(Love you, honey!)


Unknown said...

oh my goodness, i dated a guy who was so tone deaf! i really couldn't fathom that he thought his singing was good. at least i know i'm bad at singing!
xoxo alison

Steven B said...

yeah yeah you too...honey :)

Rebekah said...

I am the tone deaf one around here (not really, but I just have an awful voice). It takes Jon forever to figure out what I'm singing


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