March 11, 2010

Pulling Fabrics

I've been pulling fabrics for a newly commissioned quilt and it's driving me a wee bit nutty. The client wanted a yellow in the mix, but I don't know that it looks good. I personally am not a huge fan of pink and yellow sitting side by side, but I have to remember it's not my quilt.

I made a draft design of the quilt and it's got alternating blocks like the birdie quilt I made a while back. Each block will be one colour instead of mixing all the colours up... so perhaps yellow blocks wouldn't look half bad. Right?

She likes this yellow (Kona buttercup).

I'm thinking a pale yellow (Kona maize) would probably look best.

Thoughts? Any ideas would be much appreciated :)


amy smart said...

I'm with you on the pale yellow.

Vicki said...

I think a paler yellow than the first, but the second looks too buttery/orange-ish on my monitor. So a more pastel clear yellow gets my vote.

pklaw said...

I'm with you on the yellow - I like the softer color with the rest of the fabrics chosen. This looks like it's gonna be a beauty!

Jodi Kendall said...

I vote pale yellow as well. So lovely! It's going to welcome spring :)

Melissa Blake said...

I just stumbled across your blog and it's great! Those patterns are so pretty! :)

felicity said...

Looking at the fabrics you've already pulled (YUM!), I would suggest a pale yellow that has more green in it than orange, to complement the pink.

Unknown said...

Definitely the Kona Maize. Although I like both yellows, but the maize fits best with the other fabric you chose.

daisy said...

I happen to like to see pink and yellow, but maybe it's just because a good friend of mine chose that color combination for the baby girl she has on the way :)

Maybe in my monitor the soft yellow looks too pale, but still I would choose it, in order to give the eye some rest with all those contrasting colours on the mix.

And maybe you can try to make it green-pink-blue-yellow or yellow-green-pink-blue instead of having the pink and the yellow directly next to each other, if you don't fancy it all that much.

either ways, I'm sure it'll turn out great, like everything else you make!

ps - and I'm with you on the tattoo as well :)


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