March 8, 2010

Pretty Pretty Rouenneries

For my Tethered Threads 2 bee, we were asked to make smaller scale blocks in the vein of the ones Elizabeth from Oh, Fransson! chose for her own bee.

I have to admit I was SO apprehensive about doing these blocks because for some reason I kept reading the instructions and my brain was all lalalalala. Talk about having ADD. Plus I didn't want to cut into them wrongly and ruin the beautiful Rouenneries fabric.

So I finally sat down and worked on them... and I felt like a doofus and a half for being worried!

They've got nine sections instead of 12 like Elizabeth did. It was so fun to slice the strips up, make little blocks, then piece them together again.

I quite like them :) I hope Kim from the bee likes them too!


Mary said...

Looks like TONS of work, but what a great result!

CitricSugar said...

Great job! If Kim doesn't like them, she's crazy. (No offence, Kim.)

I am a bit addicted to that fabric and I am not a girly, flowery girl. But it's just so pretty!! (And the selvedges - oh sweet Mother of Mercy, the selvedges!!)

Terriaw said...

So very pretty! I have been admiring these fabrics, and your blocks turned just great. Sometimes just sitting down and deliberately and slowly going through the instructions step by step helps me when I'm feeling flustered. Great job with these.

Angela Nash said...

Those do look awesome! I like the idea of just piecing and going along...I'll have to give her block a try.

Rebekah said...

I can't even imagine how much time this took you. This block looks amazing! Love seeing all of the little bits of patchwork goodness


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