March 26, 2010

I Tried... And Failed Spectacularly

I've been avoiding going to Target since the Liberty of London collection was released in mid-March.

Then yesterday my dear husband got this grand idea to go to Target to get something for his parents. I didn't even think anything of it until we were about to turn into the parking lot and I shrieked "Nooooo I cannot go to Target!! Liberty of London!!!! I am weak!". To which my husband replied, "Then just stay in the car."

Yeaaaaaah... No.

Now, I know I make quilts and it's stupid to buy one but look at all that pretty! And honestly, it costs less than if I were to make a king quilt. That's my logic and I'm sticking to it.

I'm already using the bag. I can't help myself.

And this little guy was just too cute!

How could I not take him home? Look at that little bum. Cute. Even the hubs loved him.

I did show a lot of restraint. I had another bag and a few dresses in my clutches before I came to my senses (well, that's relative) and got what I had to have. Please note that I did not say what I needed.

So a word of caution. If you need to go to Target and do not intend on succumbing to the gorgeousness that is Liberty of London, I suggest you invest in a good pair of blinkers. Otherwise, just prepare your poor little credit card for the massacre that's about to take place.

Consider yourself warned.


~Michelle~ said...

Yep, got that quilt myself... way too easy to rationalize the expense (or lack thereof). But there are no piggies to be found in LA!

Anonymous said...

So pretty! I would have done the same thing, so don't feel guilty!

mascanlon said...

Oh I did that too...baskets and tops and bags but I couldn't find the piggy bank, I was so disappointed! Its all so yummy.

Katie :o) said...

very cute story! I love your writing style :o)

amy smart said...

Too late. I already succumbed. The first day actually. :) We needed a Rx filled and I bravely volunteered to be the one to do it (at Target of course) and just happened to browse the aisles while the pharmacy was doing it's job. I was good though - only bought a shirt. But I surely loved admiring everything else. Then I got online that night to see what else I'd missed. I'm thinking I might go back for a swimsuit. I almost bought a pair of boxer shorts just to cut up for the fabric. :)

I love your Hope Valley Quilt! My, you are brave this week!

Barb said...

Too funny, loved your purchases...

Rebekah said...

those are some great finds! I succumbed to the stationery and binders a few weeks ago. I'm a paper lover at heart :)


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