December 15, 2009

John Deere Quilt's Done!

I finished the commissioned John Deere quilt yesterday. It's all washed and crinkly now... oh the squishy goodness :)

It turned out pretty well despite my initial reservations. Don't get me wrong, I'm not about to make myself a John Deere quilt or anything, but I think given the subject matter, this quilt doesn't make me lose my lunch.

I hand quilted this one too. Sucker for punishment, that's me!

I used a plaid for the binding since the John Deere fabric had plaid backgrounds.

It's now all folded, tied up and ready for delivery :)

I forgot to say that when we went to Northampton, I went to our favourite secondhand bookstore and found this book. For free. FREE! The spine's a little bit broken (it's intact though) so they were just giving it away. Lovely!


The Garden Bell said...

What a delight. This is going to be to special to the new owner. Great job.

Vicki said...

ack! my comment was eaten!

it looks great! kudos on all the handquilting. :)

Rebekah said...

I love how this turned out, even though the subject is less than ideal :)

CaryManda said...

It turned out great auddiepants!
I think it matches the room beautifully. You really should reconsider.

Jackie said...

The quilt turned out wonderful!! I just love going to Northampton. What is the name of the bookstore you go to, hubby and I just love perusing books?

jaybird said...

i give you props for doing this quilt... i don't know if i could have done it.


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