October 28, 2009

Work In Progress: Birdie Quilt

It feels nice to work on something different for a change. For the last few weeks it seems like I've been making quilts that I've made before to fulfill orders. Definitely not complaining, but it does get a little weary at times because I was just itching to do something different.

Over the weekend I delivered the Beep Beep quilt to my friend, and she told me she needed another quilt, this time for a girl. I believe I did a little hop, skip and jump :)

I was initially going to use the Treetop print by Alexander Henry for the centres but my sister quickly poopoo'ed the idea. Showed her the Birdie fabric by Me & My Sisters, and got the thumbs-up. On hindsight, I'm really glad I asked for her opinion.

Now I'm kind of stuck. I've got the blocks all done but I want to add something to the sides of the quilt without doing it so scrappy like the Beep Beep or Zoo Pool quilts. Should I do a strip of pink fabrics down one side, or on either side? Argh. If you hear screaming, that's just me.


Jackie said...

So nice to work on something different, I know that for sure. I got back to working on a project that needed finishing up and am really enjoying myself. Looking forward to seeing your completed project.

Chelsea said...

Looks cute from what I can see! Maybe instead of all blocks you could just do rows of blocks then a row of solid and another row of blocks, etc etc. Just tryin to help! :)

Rebekah said...

Could you make up some stripes to add to the sides or another simple type design that would be easy to piece?


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