October 7, 2009

One Year

A year ago, the State of Connecticut issued me a driver's license. Silly Connecticut.

(I'm being a brave soul and posting a picture of my driver's license. Be nice. Thank you in advance.)

Let me tell you, having to sit for theory and practical driving tests in your 30s will make you want to weep. I always used to joke that if I had to re-take my driving test, I'd probably fail spectacularly because the second you pass that first one, you kind of forget everything you're supposed to do.

And not only did I have to take my driving test in my 30s, I had to learn how to drive on the other side of the road. 13 years I drove on the left side. Having to switch to the right was... weird.

The very first time I drove in the States, I believe I screamed most of the way. So did my husband. It's just weird. There's a door where the ought to be none, and the gear shift is on the other side! Thank goodness the accelerator and brakes are the same, otherwise I'd be in a ditch somewhere.

It's all good now... driving on the other side is my new normal. To my credit, I'm a pretty safe driver, so no one was hurt this past year. A mailbox almost got dead, but that's another story. I must say that once in a while, I walk to the right front door thinking it's the driver's seat though. Eh, what can you do.


Jackie said...

Congrats for you year of driving in the states. I suppose it would be that way for those of us who have driven on the right side of the road all our lives, should we move to a foreign country.

Greg said...

Congrats on the year. Your still alive, and hey I'm still alive. Thats plus in MY book. Have you mastered the one finger wave while honking yet? Nothing like tell other drivers that they're number 1!! Maybe you should put together a commemorative quilt to honor your 1st year!!!

Aurelia said...

I remeber sitting in the passegnger seat wehn you drove and feeling like there was something not right.... :-)

tooznie said...

Another opposite for me! When you visit back to your old home, or when you're really tired do you find yourself having to really think about what side of the road you're supposed to be on? I keep wondering what's going to happen as I get older and begin to lose my marbles!


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