October 7, 2009

I Did A Bad, Bad Thing

One of our favourite TV shows is Big Bang Theory. My husband doesn't love many shows, and he's almost obsessed with this one. It's a show about a bunch of nerds... it's not hard to understand his love for it :)

Yesterday for some reason he wasn't able to watch the new episode but we DVR it anyway. I watched it later that evening while he was asleep, and when it finished, I was trying to push the "Do Not Delete" option... and instead... I hit... "Delete".

Oh. My. Hell.

I think I didn't breathe for over a minute. I broke the news to my husband today, and I'm still alive, so that's a
testament to his love for me. That, or he decided he probably wouldn't fare well in prison. Tonight I baked him banana bread with chocolate chips so he continues to let me live.

Once the shock's worn off, we're going to have to look for full episodes online since I can't seem to find it On Demand.


Aurelia said...

You should at least bake his fave stuff for a week! :-)

suetleng said...


Liz Jimenez said...

Oooh, hate it when those fingers do the wrong thing!

Is it not available on Hulu?

Liz @ teeny tiny quilts

Britta said...

I have to tell you...I love this show too. It really makes me laugh.

Averil said...

Goodbye! Nice to have known you!!

Claire Mercado-Obias said...

My husband loves the show, too. I get to see some episodes and it's a really funny show!

the NEO-traditionalist said...

My fiance would react similarly if I deleted an episode of "The Office." I understand completely!
XX Kate

Anonymous said...

OMG... you are hilarious! I am obsessed with the show and would have had the same "hold my breath" moment that you did. I'm new to your blog and I'm really enjoying reading your posts!


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