September 15, 2009

Second Childhood

Now that my dear husband's all done with law school, he's decided it's time he revisit his childhood. He went to his parents' shed and dug up his old computer games and now our living room looks like we have a adolescent in the house.

I tease him about reverting to his teenage years, but I think it's great he's finally got the time to do silly things like this. For as long as I've known him, he's had his nose buried in his books and even sitting down to watch an entire programme on TV is a rarity.

Anyway the game that's got him all happy is Panzer Dragoon Saga.

I know next to nothing about computer games. The only one I played when I was a kid was Super Bomberman... which I was terrible at it. But apparently this Panzerwhat'sitsface is quite rare, especially since it's in its complete set and in mint condition. Ever since he dug it up, he's been going onto eBay almost daily, then giving me a full report on how much people are paying for it.

He's sooooo lucky he's pretty.


Anonymous said...

Donkey Kong and Bomberman was the best. And lets not forget....Super Mario. I wonder if thy still sell the old game consoles and catridges.


Steven B said...

Best. Post. Evar.

Averil said...

Biggest. Nerd. EVAR.


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