September 15, 2009

Hello Betty Hourglass Quilt

I finally finished the Hello Betty Hourglass Quilt yesterday evening. I love this collection so much because I adore retro prints. I think my favourites are any of the orange or teal prints. So pretty.

Everything came together quite easily on this quilt. The thing I struggled with was what binding to use. I eventually decided on a slightly marbled brown binding since the rest of the quilt had so much print already.

And quilting it took a while too because I was in two minds about how to go about it. I settled on diagonal lines to keep it simple, and this also leaves the quilt so soft and snuggly.

I put six hourglass blocks on the back and found this wavy, dark orange fabric to continue its retro vibe. I'm pretty fond of this quilt, if I do say so myself.

It's available in the shop now SOLD! :)


beth said...

VERY pretty quilt! love the fabrics you chose.

Anonymous said...

I always love the flipside...Aure

Rebekah said...

It's beautiful! I love how the white looks with all of the vintage/retro fabrics


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