September 30, 2009

For Your Professional Camwhoring Needs

An LCD screen on the front of the camera? Yes please!

I hate to play into the stereotype that Asians all walk around with cameras strapped to their hands, but I do love taking pictures of everything. And yes, I do the camwhore shot, made famous by MySpace. I wouldn't be a good Asian otherwise.

I do draw the line at the peace sign-kawaii thing though. Somehow when you're in your 30s, it just becomes sad.

Anyway, I immediately thought of my sister Averil when I first saw the ads for the Samsung DualView TL220, because the woman has taken camwhoring to a whole new level. I told her about this camera and she was suitable geeked out.

Not sure if this is a good camera because I'm not quite good at discerning specs and stuff, but I wouldn't mind it if Santa delivered this to me this Christmas. Just saying.


Aurelia said...

As if her camwhoring wasn't bad enough already


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