August 23, 2009

WIPs... So Many WIPs

My sister left yesterday and within a few hours, I suddenly had three WIPs. I believe it's a coping mechanism so I don't miss her too much. Can't say it worked a whole lot.

My other sister asked me to make her some bunting for her bedroom because it was sorely lacking in colour. This made me want to kick her a little because I could've easily put colour into her quilt! Oh silly goose :)

I've since finished them, but these were taken in the afternoon before I got some light purple binding to string them together. I made them so that they have fabric on either side in case she wants to drape them across her room instead of just hang them against the wall.

I kind of want to keep them now. They turned out way cuter than I thought they would. Perhaps I'll make some small ones out of the scraps?

This Happy Campers charm pack will become a pinwheel quilt for my husband's boss' grandchild. She's expected to arrive in just a few days, so I have a bit of time to finish it.

And here's what will become an Arcadia stacked coin baby quilt. I love these fabrics so much.

This isn't a WIP, obviously, but I found $1 gloves at Joann's and bought two pairs because they actually fit my tiny hands! I've never in my life found gloves that fit me. (Well, one pair came close and of course I left those on the T in Boston.) My husband thinks I'm nuts for buying gloves in August, but it's not like I'm prancing around with them right now. Aside from in the picture of course.

Oh, and when I told him I'd bought one grey, one black, he thought I'd bought one pair with two different colours. Yep, my husband pretty much thinks I'm certifiable.



Not certifiable, no no no. I love the bunting you have made, ever so sweet! Looks like you will be busy sewing away for the next few days with all the projects that you have lined up!



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