August 27, 2009

Step Into My Childhood

When I look at Milo and Nutella, I immediately think of my childhood. Everyday before school I'd have a mug of warm Milo... and for a snack, Nutella spread on bread. My love of chocolate was cultivated from birth apparently, and I was not a thin child. Nope, not by a long shot.

Yesterday, I found Milo at the Restaurant Depot (my in-laws are opening a creamery so I'm helping out) and I believe I did a little dance. Yes, there were people around. No, I didn't care.

It's very similar to Ovaltine but faaaaaaaar superior in my opinion. I really hope they continue selling it because knowing my future children will grow up on Milo makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

My husband was the first to crack open the tin and I believe I'm going to have to hide it from him because he's now addicted. Sometimes it's not good being married to a chocoholic of the same calibre.


Anonymous said...

OMG!! i was just thinking of making nutella cupcakes for my office's monday morning tea break!! chocolate is the best. remember how we'd shovel a tablespoon mouthful of pure Milo powder when we were young?? hehehehe! get Steve to try that!


Unknown said...

I used to love eating Milo as a kid! I used to get hell from my mom when she caught me with spoon in hand, open Milo can and mouth full of Milo powder! In my teens, I used to spread butter on bread and sprinkle with Milo. SOOOO GOOD!!!

But eh, when i was in Perth, I didn't like the Oz-made Milo at all cos it tasted different. Singapore made Milo still tastes the best to me.

Rebekah said...

yummy! I love malted milk and I'll have to search for this Milo stuff


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