August 21, 2009

So Not Cool

A while ago, I bought a few yards of the Cecilia fabric from Ikea without really knowing what I wanted to do with it. Then I decided to make curtains, which meant I'd need more. Not thinking to call ahead, I returned a couple weeks ago to find that they were sold out. I was told to call in two weeks to check the stock.

Yesterday I rang and the computer thingie said the fabric was back in stock (I called the extension three times and no picked up so I had no choice but to check with the computer). I checked online, and it also said it was in stock. So today I drove 50 minutes only to find that calling and checking online are completely unreliable.

Apparently they'd been out of them for a while, and due to some screw-up, the system wasn't updated so no new stock was ordered. Argh. If I didn't need to drive down there to take my sister to her shuttle to JFK, I'd have been really, really pissed.

I was told this time to check back in a week. You can bet I'll ring until I speak to a person because I'm not driving all that way and coming back empty-handed. Not cool. Not cool at all.

And yes, my sister left today. I'm sad.


Victoria said...

Oh, I am sorry. I would offer to share mine, but I just have a little and have cut into it too much to be of any use for curtains, and our Ikea is a long drive away, too. So I am of no help what-so-ever, but I do hope you find it soon!

Anonymous said...

That Ikea is a tab bit unreliable aren't they?


Unknown said...

ugh how annoying!! i would not be happy. but hopefully next week they will get it right!

Theresa said...

The same thing is happening in Adelaide, Aus. I love the green and the grey and want some more as it makes lovely quilt backs. They keep saying it's coming back but it hasn't. I managed to get some brown but the green never comes back in. It's almost like I'm stalking the textile department at Ikea!


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