August 24, 2009

Shopping For A Lamp

I'm in the process of taking over the dining room and turning it into my studio. I've been sharing the guest room and since my sister came to visit, I'd moved downstairs to the kitchen dining area... and I realised I quite like sewing downstairs. Plus we'd intended on turning the dining room into my studio when the time came to start a family and the guest room would be turned into a nursery.

So I figured, why not just turn it into my studio now? In the year and a half we've lived in this house, we've used the dining room possibly a total of five times. We have the kitchen dining table, plus we normally eat in front of the TV like sophisticated adults.

Anyway, there's a really ugly chandelier thing in the dining room, which I've managed to ignore all this while since I hardly spend time in there. But now that I'll be spending most of my waking hours there, I'm pretty sure I'll set it on fire before long.

I don't know what kind of light to put in that space... something boring and simple would probably be best. But wouldn't this Glansa pendant lamp be so awesome?

I even found it made into a baby mobile. So cute!

And then here it is in a couple's wedding. Lovely :)


Anonymous said...

only $29??? EPIC SCORE!!! --Aure

Erin J. said...

I love that lamp! Its so simple and fun! That's so exciting to be getting your own studio! I share mine with the computers and its tough mkaing a small space work. Make sure you post pictures of the process!

Rebekah said...

Those chandeliers are so soft and pretty!

Molly Rose said...

I also have a hideously ugly chandelier in my dining room, and have spent part of this last year determined to find the perfect fixture to replace it. So far I haven't found it, (or at least not one that I am willing to pay for, as price is a huge consideration.) I do like this one posted here... unlike anything I have seen yet, (which is good!) and very nifty.

Good wishes for your new studio!

Victoria said...

Opps... for the record the comment from "Molly Rose" is actually from me... Molly Rose is my teenage daughter who forgot to log out when she got off my computer and I didn't realize until I posted the comment:0)


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