August 30, 2009

New Studio - Part One

I started moving into my new studio space today. Of course I'd choose a day when the weather decided to be all warm and sunny.

It's pretty bare at the moment because pictures need to be hung, curtains need to be made etc.

This is what it looked like a few days ago.

And then without the curtains. I also removed the little cross things because I thought it looked better without. The display case is now at the opposite corner of the room since it doesn't quite match my white furniture. Not that this room matches at all!

The sunlight bouncing off my sewing machine is pretty insane, no? It's not quite so bad in real life, and when I get the curtains in, I'm sure it'll stop the glare. If not, there's always that frosted stuff you put on your windows.

I did put up one picture since there was already a hook there.

A bunch of the pictures that need to be hung. Can you tell I really like that shade of pink? Well the top one I bought, the bottom left was a gift to me for my birthday, and the bottom right was a gift from my sister.

There's lots more to be done, so I'll update my progress every now and again. Let's hope there'll be curtains the next time you see this space!


Anonymous said...

Where's the dining table gone to?


Blue Is Bleu said...

It's been taken apart and brought down to the basement. We never used it anyway so it seemed a waste of a room.

Anonymous said...

looking good!!! i'm surprised you put the bookcase so close to the desks, i would've put it across the corner further to the left so it doesn't look so cramped onto one side of the room.

what kind of curtains you gonna make??


Rebekah said...

This looks so pretty! It looks like you get some awesome light in there too. Love the wall color and the white furniture with it


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