August 20, 2009

Nerd Fun

Yesterday my sister, mum-in-law and I had some nerdy fun at the Connecticut Science Center. Growing up in Singapore, the science centre was one of my favourite places so I was excited to go to this one, seeing as my future children will probably visit often. My mum-in-law is quite certain she'll have nerdy grandkids. Yes, yes she will.

We watched a 3-D movie called Dinosaurs Alive, and that was pretty interesting. My mum-in-law, however, sighed a lot. Oops.

My mum-in-law at her finest.

My sister... just adorable.

My husband's obsessed with Einstein so I had to take this picture. The swirly effect was done with this kaleidescope cardboard thing that you put over your camera lens. I kind of wish I'd gotten it now.

Feeling up the crash test dummy. Classy.

I thought this was pretty ironic.

I was too busy playing with little gadgety things to take proper pictures so that's all I have.


Anonymous said...

It looked so fun, especially with the kaleidescope lens. Although...I did just buy some camera filter lenses with kaleidescope effect online. Ok, nvm. HEE!



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