July 13, 2009

Fun Is Being Had

It's been so much fun having my sister here. Especially since she's one of those insane people who love to clean and does not need an invitation to start wiping, vacuuming, dusting etc. I'm sure if you ask nicely, she'll come stay with you too. Just do her ironing... she hates ironing as much as a normal person hates cleaning.

We haven't started doing day trips (or day-cations) because she's only just getting over jetlag. So we've been doing the normal shopping, lunching, hanging out things that sisters do.

Behold this awesome meatball. It is extremely yummy. It was devoured in record time.

I am talented -- I can drive while hamming it up for the camera.

Here I am pointing things out to her while she camwhores.

And my sister's been getting very friendly with my cats. Our mum didn't really like us having pets so we're making up for it in our adulthood.


Aurelia said...

hahaha, the cat looks soooooo comfy with Ave's arm as a bolster.


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