June 27, 2009

A Quilt For Us!

Been working on a quilt for our bedroom, and this time there's absolutely no doubt that this is a keeper! Made all the blocks yesterday from Moda Arcadia fabric and some light grey Kona cotton fabric. That's my favourite print of the Arcadia collection.

I started laying out the blocks and then ran out of room so I had half here and the other half across the room. My neck's not happy with me now after all that head turning, back and forth and back and forth. I've since pieced together the 81 blocks and I'm completely in love with it.

So glad I had that Kona cotton lying around because it tones the quilt down a lot. Most of it's quite mellow but the orange fabrics are slightly obnoxious.

Unfortunately it's a tad smaller than I need it to be (it has to be big enough to drape over our queen bed because I'm married to a blanket thief) so a border is necessary.

In the meantime, I'm unpicking the Wonderland quilt blocks. All 100 of them. Can you sense my joy? But I think of it as eventually I'll have something I'm happy with and proud to put my name on.


Florence said...

Oh no, that's such a shame about the Wonderland quilt...I've been coveting those prints too. The Arcadia quilt looks fantastic though and the grey cotton is a good choice - thank you for the tip. x

Krista Shaffer said...

Absolutely beautiful!!! Wold you ever give the dimensions on these blocks? I just adore this modern style!


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