June 3, 2009

I Exist Again!

A few weeks ago, my laptop's browser just stopped working. I didn't touch a damn thing... it just decided to lay down and die all on its own. It had basically become a very expensive and shiny paperweight / doorstop. Then a few days ago, one of my sisters asked me why I hadn't replied to any of her txts. I hadn't gotten anything, and apparently when I tried txting her, she didn't get it either. I tried txting and calling the hubs, nothing. My calls couldn't even go out, let alone connect.

First the laptop craps out, then my mobile / cell? When technology wants to make my life miserable, it really does a spectacular job of it. Technology hates me and it's not shy about it.

So yesterday I finally bit the bullet and took my laptop to get repaired. I got my laptop back today (love the Geek Squad for its efficiency!) and it works! Oh if I could kiss the Internet, I damn well would. Being without my laptop's seriously painful and it's pathetic how much I rely on it, but there you have it.

Apparently the operating system was corrupt (don't get me started on how much I want to punch Vista in the misters) so they basically returned it to its factory settings. I backed up all my pictures and documents... but of course I forgot to back-up all my bookmarks. I feel like someone's driven me blindfolded into the middle of nowhere and unceremoniously dumped me there without a map. But I'm being picky. The important thing is my laptop works and I can resume chatting to my sisters. That's really the thing I missed most.



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