June 6, 2009

Happiness Is An Egg Salad Sammich

I'm currently obsessed with egg salad sandwiches. I like to slap on a couple slices of turkey before and after I heap on the egg salad. So very yum. I highly recommend it.
Seeing as I usually make my pie dough with my food processor now, I've repurposed my pastry cutter / blender for mashing everything from boiled eggs for egg salad to bananas for banana bread. It really works brilliantly and doesn't cause me the strife that using a fork or potato masher does.


Anonymous said...

try egg salad with snow pea sprouts. ees gooood!


The Food Librarian said...

OMG! I'm an idiot for not recognizing the multi-functionality of the pastry cutter!!! That is brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

I love egg salad too!


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