June 8, 2009

Food, It's What's For Dinner

Since the warmer weather arrived, we've been living almost exclusively on salads. I love salads. It's relatively easy to put together, and you don't feel disgustingly full afterwards. The only problem is, I'm quite unimaginative when it comes to food because I keep making things we like. So I've got about four or five salads that I rotate. Thankfully we're the kind of people who can eat the same thing over and over, and not get sick of it. Just ask my sisters.

Here we have some salad, hardboiled eggs (our cholesterol levels must be pretty high... just wait, we'll be starring in a Cheerio's ad before you know it), a roma tomato and an avocado. Normally I throw in some sliced zucchini too, but the ones at the store looked a little lacklustre so I opted to leave them out.

Then you grill up some chicken breast. They're sliced thin so they cook in a flash. I season them with salt, pepper, olive oil and whatever dried herbs I decide on that day -- for today's meal I used basil, thyme (mmmmm thyme) and oregano.

For the dressing, I mix dijon, olive oil, salt, pepper, red wine vinegar and Worchestershire.

I don't put the avocado in the salad because it always seems that when I do, most of the avocado lands up in the hub's plate, and I just won't stand for that. I love avocado obsessively, can you tell?

I like to throw some craisins in there, just for some sweetness. Can you tell I also love my craisins? Good grief I had a lot on my plate today...

A mountain of goodness.

By the way, does it drive anyone else barking mad when you peel your hardboiled egg and you get this? The other three were just fine, but this! This was a... bad egg. (I tried. I failed. The pun escaped.) It looks like a rat crawled in there and had its way with it.


Anonymous said...

other things averil would put in her salad if available:

- olives
- thinly-sliced red onion
- cuucumber
- bacon
- s'more bacon
- shaved parmesan cheese
- croutons


The Lonely Stoner said...

Oooo I hate it when that happens also, Am I wrong for throwing it out after it does ?


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