May 8, 2009

Done And Done!

I made my mum-in-law a table runner as one of her gifts for Mother's Day and her birthday (the two dates always collide) .  Finished it last night, and I'm trying to decide whether to give it to her this Sunday or on her birthday, on Tuesday.

Choosing the colours and drawing up the pattern was possibly the most time-consuming part of the project. She has vastly different taste in colour and decor, so I had to keep telling myself to think of what she'd like. Of course I kept picking up things with splashes of colour and bold prints... 'tis a difficult habit to break.

Her dining room's a muted blue, and for some odd reason, she loves beige / oatmeal colours. So I ended up choosing these colours for the runner, and I'm hoping she'll like it.

Got her a crystal bowl to place atop the runner and might get her some decor things you put in the bowl. The woman loves her decor.



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