April 8, 2009

While We're On The Subject Of Coats...

I spotted this at Old Navy's website a few weeks ago but now that it's spring and my wool coats are just too heavy, it got me thinking about it again. Plus my birthday's coming up, so I get to give myself a little pressie, right?

If I get it, I would so change the buttons to red ones... Refer to my last post for explanation of red button love. But I haven't seen it in person yet, so who knows. It could look completely wonky and not look good on. I'm kind of miffed that I can't order it online though(they ran out of my size... damn my procrastination!) because I have a 30% discount code for an online purchase.

(Which by the way is "NEW30" for anyone who's interested. I believe it also applies to Gap and Banana Republic.)



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