April 11, 2009

Hand Me My Stretchy Pants

Why in the world did I invite a bunch of people over for a dinner party the Saturday evening of Easter weekend? WHY!? Oh yeah, because I completely forgot about Easter dinner. That's why.

 In all my life, I've only ever celebrated Easter once. My parents took me to an Easter egg hunt organised by the country club. I think I was 8. Since then, Easter to me has only meant Friday off from work and lots of chocolate. It's still sinking in that Americans take their holidays and celebrations pretty seriously. I love that they do, I just can't be bothered to do all of it.

 Anyway, my mum-in-law had asked me to bake bread loaves and perhaps bring along a dessert for Sunday's Easter dinner. Then I gave myself more work by having to cook an entire dinner and prepare dessert for Saturday. Lucky I have lots of dishes that can be prepared the day before, so I've only got the main dish and a side to prepare tomorrow. And the bread baking. And Sunday's dessert. Oh boy. A lot of cooking and a lot of eating in store.

Good thing I have Cadbury Mini Eggs to dull the pain of my stupidity. Picture borrowed from small pieces of silver because I decided I'm too lazy to go take my own picture.


Steven B said...

Ahh...When you titled this post, I thought you were trying to imply you were preggers! Haha!

Love you!


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