April 3, 2009


A few days ago my little sister asked me to make her a camera pouch for her fat Lomo camera. She wanted it in grey and black, and striped. Easy enough, but my sister is very particular about things, so putting my own creative spin on it was going to be tough.

I came up with this:

(The colours are a tad off because I took the pictures at night. Not smart, but I was anxious to show it to her. FYI, the colours in the top picture are more accurate.)

I told her I was going to put a button and some embroidery on it, and she balked at the idea. Turns out, she really liked what I did. Which goes to show, little sisters need to just shut up and trust their big sisters sometimes. Give me an Amen people.

Honestly, I'm delighted that my sisters actually ask me to make them things. I'm currently working on a phone sock / pouch for my other sister, and I'm doing an argyle pattern on it. Just because she's poncy and posh.



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