March 7, 2009

Why Am I Not Surprised

My dear hubs is a sad bunny today. We went back to Raven Used Books to finally purchase the copy of Clarissa he's wanted for months. And it was gone. Of course. Why wouldn't it be gone? The poor boy moped around the shop for eons searching for the book, just in case it'd been misplaced. Nooope.

Then we had amazing Mexican food and yummy chocolate chip cookies (what a combo!), and the pain was lessened somewhat. No, no pictures of the food -- I was halfway through my second fish taco before the thought even entered my mind. I'm smooth like that.

I have been commissioned by the hubs to knit him a tie. Yeah, a tie. At the yarn store he pulled out this really horrid orange yarn. Thankfully since we've been married, I've drilled into his head that 99% of the time, listening to the wife is the right course of action. And so, when I'm done knitting, he'll end up with a sort of cerulean blue and olive green striped tie. I hope I have it done by Easter because his mum will pee her pants laughing.


Aurelia said...

a knitted tie....what an awesome idea!

Steven B said...

Part about my book: :(

Part about my tie: :)


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