March 10, 2009

Must. Knit. Now.

I've no kids as yet, but I adore looking through knits for kids. I have friends and cousins who've popped out babies, so when I feel the need to make something itty bitty, I always have someone to give them to. Lately I've been obsessed by Lucinda Guy's books, specifically And So To Bed... because the patterns are just too adorable for words. In an ideal world, I'd knit every bloody thing in the book, but I'm trying to stay sane and just pick a couple. There's a cute little dress I'd like to make for my cousin's daughter, as well as this gorgeous owl named Otto.
  And this Roost Blanket makes me want to have a baby just so I can knit this and keep it.
  Ms. Lucinda Guy -- What are you doing to me!



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