March 3, 2009

Current Favourite Cookie

My love for chocolate is no secret. So it surprises me that a cookie that contains no chocolate has edged into first place on the cookie list. I know, it's completely baffling.

I saw a recipe for oatmeal raisin cookies on Smitten Kitchen, and when she described them as "thick" and "chewy", it was physically impossible not to make them. Plus the hubs is a huge fan of that particular cookie.

It was indeed thick and chewy. And very tender, even days after baking. So freakishly good. But I've decided I best not bake them too often because I couldn't stop eating the bloody things. My hubs has robotic self-control, while I have zilch. I kept telling myself the oatmeal's healthy and the raisin used to be fruit so it's not that bad. Riiiiiiight.

In other news, my husband eats weird things. Seen here is his peanut butter and banana sandwich. Ack.
He saw me eating a banana the other day and remarked that it seemed wrong that I was eating it by itself. I'm not the one who goes against nature, sweetie.


Aurelia said...

i want an oatmeal rasin cookie NOW!

Anonymous said...

where got weird? Steve has good taste! i've eaten the same thing although sometimes i make mine with nutella.

but if im lazy, i just peel off a banana, dollop peanut butter/nutella, munch and repeat process until banana is gone. lesser washing up too!

Blue is Bleu said...

Apparently I like to surround myself with odd ppl :P

The Bitch Stopped Cooking said...

Dude. Peanut butter and banana is the BEST. Even better than peanut butter and honey.


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