February 7, 2009

There's A Nutella Day???

Right after I published my last post, I read on Serious Eats that there's a Nutella Day!!! I'm the unofficial queen of Nutella! How could I not have known of Nutella Day? I love the stuff, I'd bathe in the stuff if my hubs would allow it. Okay, I wouldn't. Maybe? No, no... I definitely would.

I saw this cute little write-up on 50 ways to eat Nutella. The first one made me giggle because as someone who grew up with Nutella, you KNOW I ate Nutella with a spoon. Actually, I still do on occasion. Which is why when I'm at the supermarket I cannot make eye contact with the Nutella jars or I get myself into big trouble.

On the other hand, the article also has a recipe for hazelnut macarons with a Nutella filling.

I do believe that's a sign.

Pictures from Ms. Adventures in Italy.


CaryManda said...


Steven B said...

Please, please make this for me....sooooon!

Audrie said...

Only if you promise not to bitch about how you're getting fatter with each bite like a little girl :P


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