January 24, 2009

Normal mugs are for losers

Yesterday I took a day trip to Northampton, MA with my mum-in-law and her sister and I saw the cutest mugs.

The lap mug!

The knee mug!

The Best Everyday cup!

Aren't they so cute? Of course you'd have to hang on to the first two for the most part, but during the winter months, the warmth is quite welcome. I kind of wish I'd gotten them, but then again this house has only two people and already about 20 mugs. They were cheap at Ikea. Leave me alone.

Pictures are from Thelermont Hupton.


Steven B said...

Cute post, Honey! I like the knee mug, myself :)

Aurelia said...

they should make a crotch cup

audrie said...

Not sure I'd want to drink out of a crotch cup...


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