January 21, 2009

Black Swans

Even though they're somewhat evil and would peck your face off if given half the chance, I love swans. Especially black swans since I spent 13 years in Perth, Western Australia and that's the state bird. Plus swans make me giggle because I think back to when my hubs and I went to Pemberton (southern Western Australia).

Where we stayed, there were beautiful ducks and swans etc milling around the pond. He decided to run toward them and play amongst the birds, and I followed behind, running and screaming that "No, they will attack you! They're not cute and cuddly! They're evil!". Of course he ignored me, and of course they started attacking him. Thankfully he escaped unscathed but I believe his life flashed before him.

Let this be a lesson to you men... Listen to your women. Seriously. So back to black swans...

I love everything Emily Martin of The Black Apple does, and I've many of her prints around the house to prove it. Today she unveiled this new painting (titled Red Ribbon Rescue) on her blog and I just love it. Black swan? Love. Reading? Love. Red ribbon? Love.

And that painting made me think of this one (titled To Ride A Black Swan) she did a while back. I got the hubs one of a boy sleeping on the back of a bird, and had thought of getting this so it became a pair of sorts. Now I shall wait for the former to be released as a print instead.



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