November 9, 2011

Brooklyn, Part Two

I have all my photos from Brooklyn to show you still, so here's day two :)

Starting the day with a cup of Stumptown Coffee :) Especially since the hotel only had decaf when we went down for brekkie. Pfffft... decaf...

Earwax Records. We walked up and down looking for the shop, passing it by twice. TWICE. We're relatively intelligent people with eyes. How'd that happen??

I like a shop with a sense of humour :)

We attempted to have lunch at Fette Sau. My heart sank when we were walking toward it and I didn't smell the lovely scent of BBQ... and true enough, they only open for dinner. Sad face. Next time, Fette Sau. Next time.

So we ventured over to Fort Greene to grab a slice at a pizza place we'd been two summers ago. Still delicious! 

One of my favourite kinds of pizza... spinach and ricotta. (Taken with iPhone.)

And across the street was Greenlight Bookstore where we'd gone to the David Mitchell book reading. Nice to actually poke around without a million people stuffed in it.

Umm trying to take a picture over here, dude.
We ventured upon a White Castle and the hubs had to get a teeny tiny cheeseburger. (Taken with iPhone.

Knock knock, mofo! Now thanks to The Bloggess, every time I see a metal chicken, I crack up. I had to explain this to the hubs and now he thinks I'm even crazier now. Ah well, if the shoe fits :)

And to top off a lovely day, we had hot dogs at Bark Hot Dogs. A good hot dog needs to snap. This one? SNAAAAAAAAP! So so so so so good. I was sad when I took my last bite. That's another sign of a good hot dog. Or that I'm a glutton. (Taken with iPhone.)


Aureliabedelia said...

Omg, the hotdogs look SIIIIICK!

Meg said...

Ahahaha! I love the chicken--I have the same reaction to metal chickens now. :)

Regina said...

You would not get away with hot dogs like that in Chicago! Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Brooklyn looks like a place that doesn't take itself too seriously! Thanks for sharing.
Lalexander733 (at) gmail (dot) com

Laura said...

Sorry, I didn't hear anything you said after "spinach ricotta pizza." Yum!!!!

mascanlon said...

Can anyone really eat just one White Castle?


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