November 8, 2011

Back In The Studio

I got back in the studio yesterday! :) I sewed all day and it was awesome!!! I do love my electricity heehee... Here's some Instagram proof!

I worked on a custom quilt, and these are the first four blocks done. It's unnatural how much I love stars. I think I like these... there's a filter on the picture so the colour's not 100% correct, but they're all green, pink, grey, yellow and brown Kona solids. Keeping track of what I've paired with what to avoid a repeat if possible is a bit of a pain but I have 16 blocks done and am hoping to finish the last four tonight. And then I have to think about how to quilt this... Loopy quilting? Straight line? Suggestions?

These girls spent most of yesterday underfoot, trying to distract me from sewing, begging for cuddles. It's hard to be annoyed when they're this cute. They finally ended up laying on my spot on the couch, waiting for me to join them when I was all done :)

And just because, here's what the sky looked like this evening. With the time change, dusk comes much too early, so at least there's a pretty sky to look at when 5pm rolls around.

Alrighty, I'm going to check on my pork stew and then sew! Wheeeeeeeee! :) Honestly, I'd hug electricity if it didn't zap the crap out of me.


CitricSugar said...

Straight-line. Go hard. Give'er. :-)

Unknown said...

YAY for power!!!
Love the colors of your blocks!


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