July 20, 2011

Hexagon Project

I've been plugging along with my hexagons, and still not sick of hand sewing. Stranger things have happened, I suppose :)

I've managed to sew a huge chunk of the quilt top together, and it wasn't too bad because I kept telling myself not to think about how daunting a task it was. I'd sit and watch a DVD or shows off the DVR, and before I knew it, I'm more than halfway done.

I reckon my husband really loves this quilt top because whenever I'm not working on it, he asks why. He's never really bothered with any other quilt top before. The man has good taste, what can I say? Heehee!


Karen H said...

That is so pretty...... I love it! This is a stupid question, but do you have to hand sew each hexagon on? And how do you do it?

Mary said...

Oh I love it. I am also working on a Grandmothers Flower Garden and find the hand piecing very rewarding! How large will your quilt be in the end? And I wonder if you have decided how you will finish the borders....so many decisions :)

Angela Nash said...

Wow - you're coming along so nicely on that. Great use of DVR time!


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